Buddy = Randy Rand
A highly curious 3-year old boy who matures through his experiences and friendship with ChaCha. His interest lies in everything he sees, and learning about anything excites him.

Randy's best friend, guardian and teacher. Don't let look fool you. ChaCha is a dog, although he looks like a toy car. ChaCha & Randy just love each other, and like to go out make new friends.

 Mom = Connie Rand
A loving and understanding mother who notices Randy maturing.
Gardening is her hobby.

 Dad = Forest Rand
Being a journalist, Forest has a lot of information that gets Randy all excited. Forest loves toys and is very imaginative.

Lives next door and behaves like a mature person. Mary thinks Randy is a little kid and tries to teach him to grow up.

 Nick & Terry
5 & 3 years old. Only speak in Rap.
(Known also as The Rap Brothers)

Randy's 14-year old cousin who is occasionally asked to baby-sit Randy.

 Daa-Man = Boo-Man
Appears in every episode and shouts at kid's "daaaaaaaa!!" Children think he simply loves to soare them off, but he actually shouta at tham when he feels they are in danger.

A 12-years old ghost living in Ghost-ominium, A sister-like figure for Randy.

Forest's mother who lives in Cleverland, and she is very ciose to Randy. Close enough to almost understand that ChaCha is a dog. Grandmother looks at nature as one of mankind's best friend, just like Randy.

ChaCha simply adores like pretty Cocker Spaniel, but at first, she doesn't notice that ChaCha is a dog.
A bulldog turned toy robot. He has been ChaCha's a friend before Randy was born.

 Hippo Truck
A hippopotamus turned truck .a real truck.

 BuBu Pyoko
A frog turned toy car.

 Baby Leopard
A baby leopard that turns into a sports car and zooms around town.
This fast car is probably every boy's favorite character due to the design and speed.
An intelligent, 5 year old loner, who simply loves to read books. He moved to Greenhill Town, right across Buddy's house, and gradually starts to open up to Buddy and his friends.

Tau's pet dog who just likes to run around wildly and bark. At first, Tau is not so fond of him, but as Chip imrpoves his behavior, they get closer. Chip loves ChaCha and Buddy as well.
A circus elephant that turns into a shovel car. She is physically strong, yet a little coward, but is just ready to help people build anything.

 Eyebrow Alien
The leader of the Eyebrow Aliens, who came to earth from the Eyebrow Planet.